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Girl Scout Cookies, not door to door anymore

I remember just a FEW years ago when I was a Girl Scout, presented with my assignment of selling those fabulous cookies. I went to family members, a few friends who didn’t also have someone in the house selling them, and sometimes Mom would take the cardboard order form to work. MY how things have changed!

The 2012 Girl Scout Cookie program has evolved into a well-executed integrated marketing campaign. Don’t know anyone who might be selling cookies? Download the handy app on your smartphone. With this app, not only can you locate a Girl Scout troop within a designated range of your zip code, but you can also access Girl Scout cookie recipes, find out your “cookie personality” and even sign up to be notified when there will be a Girl Scout Cookie booth sale in your area.

You can follow them on Twitter, check out the Girl Scout Cookies Sale’s Channel on YouTube, even get updates on Facebook.  I must admit I get excited to see organizations that have been doing the same successful campaign for many years, embracing new concepts to encourage new growth.  If you get a chance, be sure to check out the fun sections of their app.  (by the way, according to the Cookie Personality quiz, I’m “brainy, complex and mysterious”…which cookies does that make me??)

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